(616) 292-6924


Client Comments

"Had it not been for John Bodien and his team I would have been homeless and broke. John took it upon himself to reach out to me and explain my rights as a homeowner facing foreclosure. John is incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate. His team sprang into action and in less than 2 months my home was sold (for a profit) and I was set up nicely to secure a future for my children. John and his team are the best in town and had they not intervened I would have been left high and dry. They defended my rights as a homeowner when I was being harassed and did so with integrity. John and his whole team were a blessing on my life. "

Erika M. – Holland, MI


"Dear John,

This is to inform you and Trisha that you were unbelievable in your care and attention to my family when we were in the process of selling our moms house in August 2022. It was a difficult time due to this daughter living in California and commuting back and forth multiple times during this process. In addition to dealing with our mom who was in the process of grieving after our father and her dog passed away, and new onset of impaired cognition. From start to finish every step of the way, you helped give peace of mind. The amount of stress was relieved by your encouragement, taking care of all the listing/closing documents, and selling our house quickly, way more than asking price with multiple offers.

I wanted to highly recommend the John Bodien Team which warrants attention to all the detail, care and quality with a job well done and getting the results we needed. If anyone would like to contact me for a reference please do so. You will not be disappointed. "

Nicole J. – Rockford, MI


"John is very professional and has a great personality. Very responsive to our needs. A pleasure to work with him."

Roland M. – Rockford, MI


"Our family is on our third generation using John. He is honest and hard working. If you want your home sold quickly for a fair price, please use John. Years ago, we had an exceedingly difficult situation, whereby we did not have clear title, even though we had title insurance. John didn’t just stick by us for weeks or months. Honestly the complex problem took over a year to be resolved. He told us he was staying with us on principle. He knew we had been handed an unfair situation. At that point, it was no longer about commission but helping a family in need. We never forgot his patience and helpfulness with us. Our sons now go to John with real estate needs. And our granddaughter will need his services in the near future."

Andie H. – Byron Center, MI


"John helped me buy my first home. hes excellent and very patient. Was able to get a great deal in a great location, in a very tough market. Will be using John again."

James H. – Grand Rapids, MI


"John is the perfect mix of personable and professional. He answered all my questions and had well thought out reasons for the recommendations that he gave me. He put me in touch with other professionals that I needed to get the house ready to sell, which I greatly appreciated. John checked in with me several times during the process. I highly recommend him to anyone. "

Jennifer M. – Norton Shores, MI


"John and Trisha were fantastic to work with. They got my home sold and closed in less than a month! I couldn’t have asked for a quicker, easier process than this. Thank you Team Bodien!"

Brett B. – Caledonia, MI


"My problems started when I received a letter from my insurance company stating that they were going to do a random home inspection of the exterior of my home. I Put the letter aside so be it. It was mid-December and the holidays were approaching quickly. At the end of December, I received another letter stating that I had till the last weeks of February 2020 to get the roof replaced. If I did not comply, they would cancel my insurance at which point my mortgage company would put my home into a forced insurance plan which could cost anywhere between $4,000 and $5,000 a year. This cost would raise my mortgage payments considerably. This eventually could put my home in jeopardy because the mortgage payment would be at a point where I could no longer afford it and could result in a foreclosure of my home.

Here I am a widow of 78 years old and I felt I was being forced out of a home I had lived in for almost 20 years. I called my State Farm agent to see if anything could be done. He called me back and said I had to have a signed contract to have the work done by the end date. I researched the cost of replacing the roof and found it not doable for me. I was not in a position to give money down or obtain a loan to get the work done.

Read more

Shirley H. – Kentwood, MI


"John was very good, competent and helpful. Your rating scale needs to go above 10 for John!"

William J. – Caledonia, MI


"Quick and efficient in spite of the stay at home order and all other restrictions affecting all from Covid 19."

Christine W. – Allendale, MI


"Great Experience with Team Bodien at Greenridge Realty!

I wanted to take a quick minute to highlight what a great job you guys did selling my house at 2821 Midwood St, Lansing, MI 48911. John you came out to Lansing and, helped us identify improvements we could make that would get us a maximum return on our investment. Trish, you were there every step of the way to help get all of the required documentation and meeting times worked out. You guys work together as a well-oiled machine, and I couldn't have been happier with the end result. "

Jennifer P. - Lansing, MI


"John Bodien and his team are absolutely amazing!! In addition to being very knowledgeable, professional, and efficient, John, Trisha, and everyone else on the team are so pleasant and easy to work with. They gave us their full attention and time and they respectfully and immediately answered all our questions. They went above and beyond and provided helpful information and guidance. The entire process of selling our home was enjoyable because of their competence and friendly dispositions. They took care of everything for us, which removed stress and hassle. Every step of the way we could tell we were in extremely good and caring hands. We are completely satisfied and appreciative. "

Annie C. – Grand Rapids, MI


"Working with John and his team was an absolute pleasure. They did an excellent job of walking us through the process of selling our home. He took the time to reach out and help us when we were in a difficult place and turned it into something positive.

As a trans woman, it was refreshing to work with a team that was so respectful and professional. John asked my pronouns and preferred name on our first meeting and he and his team stuck to them without wavering

Thank you so much "

Phoebe T. – Lowell, MI


"I can’t begin to express how thankful I am with John Bodien, Trisha Noble and the entire Team Bodien family. I’ve never been overly religious, but they are truly our guardian angels!

My wife and I were in a desperate situation with our home. We felt as if we were drowning with no help in sight. Facing foreclosure, we expected to lose everything and walk away with nothing.

We started receiving calls asking to turn our deed over and one person even offered us $10,000. He told us it was a great offer and that we needed to take his offer before he took it off the table. He knew we were in a bad financial situation and he tried to use that to his advantage. That is when John Bodien got a hold of us. He took the time to explain all of our options and helped us through the process. He got us out of the situation with the man trying to take advantage of us, put our house on the market and less than 30 days later we received a check for 4 times what was originally offered to us. That’s rights, not only did John Bodien get us out of a bad situation, but my wife and I walked away with $40,000.

Thank you so so much John and Trisha. Mel and I will be forever grateful. "

John & Melissa D. – Grand Rapids, MI


"John was very professional and right on in every aspect."

Debra W. – Grand Rapids, MI


"I was so shocked and had no idea that I had any money available to me on a property that was going into foreclosure. I received 20+ letters in the mail and phone calls from people who wanted me to deed over the property. John got a hold of me, explained the situation and how I can still make money on the property. We placed it on the market and within days received multiple offers. I am now walking away with over $17,000 in my pocket. John is honest and can help you if you are going through a similar situation. "

Fred H. – Grand Rapids, MI


"As an investor and cash buyer, John is exactly the type of agent I like to deal with. He works fast, brings deals to his clients, and has a great supporting team. "

Scott U. - Grand Rapids, MI


"This process honestly couldn't have been easier or more pleasant. John and Trisha are a great team and made buying a house a fun experience."

Lee & Liz S. - Grand Rapids, MI


"Just wanted to thank you for your donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation as a result of our real estate transaction. Thank you for your part in getting mom's home sold. The process went smoothly."

Brenda P. - Kalamazoo, MI


"When John came to us, we were confused; lost in all kinds of confusing mail and phone calls that made no sense. He personally showed up at our door and helped us sort out what we needed to do. All I can do is say thank you to him and his team. They're wonderful people."

Kyle & Heather C. - Cedar Springs, MI


"To whom it may concern:

I highly recommend John Bodien and his services. My mother was in long term care and my father had moved out of their home and it went into foreclosure. I was in charge of my mother’s estate and assumed that the house was lost to the bank. John Bodien came to me and informed me that a person had purchased the mortgage at sheriff sale and that I could still sell the home and make money from the equity on the property. He assisted me by referring my family to an attorney and all issues were quickly resolved.

The house sold immediately, and we are walking away with $15,000 that we didn’t think was possible. I would recommend John Bodien to anyone. He and his team are very trustworthy, and he knows what he is doing. "

Michael B. - Grand Rapids, MI


"I met John Bodien when my house, which was under threat of foreclosure, and the bank had stopped communicating with me about the status of the refinancing. They had basically ended communicating altogether, much to my chagrin.

One weekday morning I received a call from John Bodien alerting me to the fact that my house was being sold at a sheriff’s sale at 10 am that morning, to my shock and dismay. The bank had given me no fair way to reclaim it, so ultimately, I lost my house that day in the auction.

Mr. Bodien came up alongside of me to present me with the legal recourse and seller options that were still available to me. He very professionally helped me consider my go forward strategy based on my life situation, goals and realistic opportunities with selling my existing property. He also ensured for good legal counsel when the buyers in the auction became a nuisance.

Ultimately, I opted to list my house for sale since I had six-month window to move the property and recoup the difference. It was the right decision for me as some health issues were going to restrict my future work on the home. John helped me successfully identify bonafide offers and sell my house in the acceptable window for a price that I was happy with.

I could not recommend another realtor for these types of situations seeing John's passion for fairness to those in distress, and he is a terrific advocate for those selling their homes with other realtors. And overall, he's a great guy who was great to work with and I would do again without hesitation."

Mark V. – Grand Rapids, MI


"I was facing foreclosure and was approached by many different agents to list the property. One actually placed a sign in the front yard before I even signed a listing contract. John came to my door and explained the situation and what I needed to do in order to list the property, make money and move on with my life. I had purchased the property on land contract and the land contract owner refused to get us a payoff. John referred me to an attorney that could help me, we were able to sell the house and I walked away with money in my pocket and was able to avoid having a foreclosure on my credit. I highly recommend John and his team if you are in a similar situation."

Gregory S. – Kentwood, MI


"John was great and very supportive throughout the process!"

Dawn S. - Grand Rapids, MI


"I had to sell my house due to a divorce. I was dealing with someone who would cancel countless House showings so my house was now in foreclosure. No realtors were willing to help me sell it before it official foreclosed. John reached out to me and said that he could not only sell it, but make it so I wouldn't have to pay for anything out of pocket. Not only was I looking at a foreclosure but tons of mortgage and lawyer bills. Working with John and his team was effortless. They didn't give up on selling my house. Their communication with me and the other realtor was outstanding. I was always in the loop and was informed every step of the way. The convenience of working with John's team was amazing. I didn't have to make any trips to their office, as I could do everything via email. In the end, John was able to sell my home before it was foreclosed. All the extra bills and fees from the mortgage company was paid through the sale, and in the end, I ended up with a check for myself, which was not expected at all! I am truly grateful for the determination from this team and I would recommend anyone I came across who was selling a home to Greenridge. Thank you all! "

Matthew W. - Muskegon, MI


"I was ready to walk away from my home in foreclosure. John Bodien got a hold of me the day of the sheriff sale and said he could get me money from the equity of the home. I didn’t believe him. In less than 2 weeks, my house is sold, closed, and I am now walking away with over $20,000. If you are in a tough situation, believe that he can help you."

Fay B. – Grand Rapids, MI


"I can't express how thankful I am that John Bodien reached out to me regarding the sale of our house. Due to John's real estate knowledge we were able to earn almost $17,000 on the sale of our house, when I didn't think we would have any financial gain. Not only did John help in the sale of our home, but he was able to arrange a clean-up crew for the home and real estate lawyer to help secure the sale. John's team, especially Trisha (Thank you Trisha!), work swiftly &p; we had our house sold within a month. I didn't have to worry about anything except for signing my name to the documents, Team Bodien took care of the rest! I highly recommend working with John and his team. Once you agree to work with them they will be sure to take care of everything needed to secure the sale of your home."

Trefny C - Caledonia, MI


"Almost 3 years ago my husband passed away. His name was the only name on the house and mortgage. I thought I was not going to be able to sell the house, I was just going to let the bank take it back. I stopped paying on it and within 5 months I was getting foreclosure letters on my house. Shortly after that, John personally came to my house and explained to me that I do not have to just let the bank take it back that I could sell the house and get some money out of the deal. Within a month my house was sold. John and Trisha are realtor miracles. I have the money he promised me, and I don't think they could have done a better job at helping me understand what was about to happen. I still feel like it is too good to be true and that I am still day dreaming but John is very good at what he does, and I am over the moon thrilled that he came to me and helped me though what I didn't think would ever happen. I would recommend John and Trisha to anyone. Thank you so much John."

Erica S. – Grand Rapids, MI


"They make something that can be a very hard time in your life and do it with such easy and joy and a loving heart of comforting compassion that why would you go anywhere else. Thank you team Bodien, John and Trisha for helping me with the next chapter in my life with peace."

Maribeth L. – Holland, MI


"John was absolutely great to work with. From the first meeting when we did a walk thru and he gave us a list of things to touch up, right on through the closing. John was very straight forward with his thoughts on our property and where it should be priced, and the marketing made for a very quick sale."

Josh S. – Cedar Springs, MI


"As a former employee of Greenridge Realty in the Relocation Department and having worked with John during that time I was pleased to hear Greenridge and John in the same sentence when I asked if I had a choice of Real Estate Companies when charged with the sale of the property. I did not have to make the choice - the choice was already in place. John accommodated me each step of the way - made the responsibilities I had in regard to preparation for the sale more than organized and easy. I, literally, trusted John to do all of the right things in all the right ways and in an honorable way. All went as planned and I am thankful for John's expertise in working with trust properties (estate) and knowing the legalities of it all.. Thank you John, and may God continue to bless your work and your service to clients. Great staff also."

Mary Ann C. – Grandville, MI


"I want to thank John for finding me after I had moved from my home as I figured I would not be able to sell it. He tracked me down in the final days to reclaim my home and was able to get it on the market and sold within a week and make some money for me. I appreciate his determination in finding me and getting my home on the market and sold within a few days. I also want to say he has a wonderful team that works with him. I would also recommend him to my friends."

Bettie S. – Sparta, MI


"John and his assistant were very professional and honest with me. He is very friendly and was able to help me and my situation. He also has a wonderful support team and they were very helpful. He went above and beyond for us. I was very pleased with everything John did for us. I would recommend him to my friends and family. "

Melissa S. – Ada, MI


"It truly was a blessing to have met John. I didn't know what to do with my house being foreclosed on. John knew exactly what needed to be done and he did it in a timely manner. It took only a few weeks after he put my house back on the market and it got an offer. John and his team were very helpful and professional throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is dealing with foreclosure or even selling your home. "

Karena H. – Cedar Springs, MI


"I worked with Trisha Noble whom was a pleasure to deal with throughout the entire process. The home was a short sale and had a lot of difficult circumstances such as multiple liens and the home was in disrepair. I was impressed with her ability and confidence working with all involved parties. I have purchased a few homes and this was the best experience I have had yet. Trisha takes pride in her job and is extremely thorough. I will definitely be contacting her again for my next purchase."

Tyler C. – Bailey, MI


"High praise for John for his attention and ability to keep me focused on what I could do and his responsiveness whenever I called. I would highly recommend him to anyone of my friends or family. He answered all of my questions in a timely matter and expressed genuine concern for my situation."

Linda D. – Rockford, MI


"Thanks in twelve different languages would not be nearly enough thanks for John Bodien and his team. My husband and I were lost in a housing market of short sales, foreclosures and realtors speaking in terms we only vaguely understood. At a time when we felt all hope was lost and that our only option left was to simply let go and face the damage; along came a persistent man who refused to let us simply give up. I will admit at first I simply tried to brush him off and chalk it up to yet another journey that would end up with us in financial despair, possibly a lawsuit and house we still could not seem to separate from. Yet he persevered and thankfully his bulldog attitude was a turning point for us. Not only did he explain things in terms we understood but he walked us through our options and laid out what we faced if we did nothing or if we joined forces with him. Then we simply took the leap and ended up winning finally. John and his team sold our house in record time and not only sold it with no hassles, fuss or muss, but managed to get us a profit in the end! Selling our home seemed to be a problem we could not master, let alone come out with actual money in our pockets! However, we did and it was all thanks to John and his team. His assistant Trisha Noble was so wonderful and let me drive her insane via email and phone as the closing date grew closer and my anxiety took over. She was always sweet, humorous and never made me feel like an annoyance. We could never say thank you enough to John and his team and I would shout it from the rooftops to anyone who is down on their luck with their home. He will help, he will educate and in the end, you will come out with home that is sold!"

Sara and Chris B. - Grand Rapids, MI


"Tough financial straits with a home that went into Foreclosure. Didn't see a way out. Along came John Bodien. Made process very smooth and quick. Actually made a nice little profit!!!! Total 180 from where we thought we'd be. Thanks John"

Glen P. - Rockford, MI


"I enjoyed working with John and his team. He get the job done and is very fair and honest. If I needed help in the future I would call John. John has all the knowledge and resources to make a sale happen quickly with everything working out right. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you again."

Sue J. - Grand Rapids, MI


"Only a very knowledgeable, professional realtor would have known what to do given the circumstances of our property. As holders of the second mortgage, we had lost hope for any recovery. It was John who alerted us to the fact that we had course to pursue, and it was John who steered us through it."

William Cisney, JBY Financial LLC


"Very professional, pleasant personality, who made the sale of my father's home quick and efficient. I would highly recommend him and his associate who was always available to help and answer any questions."

Barbara S. - Grand Rapids, MI


"Mr. Bodien came to our door after our house started the foreclosure process. He explained how we still had time to sell our house and come out ahead. Thanks to John Bodien, we were able to sell our house quickly and make the best of a bad situation. I would highly recommend John Bodien to anyone else in this type of situation."

DeWayne and Cassandra S. - Kentwood, MI


"John is both personable and highly professional. I have always thought he had my wife's and my best interest in mind at every turn. He guided us through what would have otherwise been extremely challenging circumstances when buying and selling a home. I would recommend John to any friend or family member without hesitation "

Matt M. - East Grand Rapids, MI


"Dear John and Trish,

I would like to take this time and thank you both for the time, effort and energy you put in to help me with the short sale on my house. You both provided me with the utmost respect and the ability to help me get out from under the biggest situation I have ever endured in my life.

John is a wonderful person and he is one hell of a teacher. He knows what he is doing and is very proficient. John knew I was very stressed and worried about my situation. He told me not to worry, that he will take care of me and do whatever he has to to help sell my house in such a short timeframe. After he told me that and seeing how he was getting things in order for the short sale, I knew I was in very good hands.

He is the best realtor around, especially when it comes to doing short sales. There is no one better, who could do better than John! He saved me from foreclosure and really messing my credit up.

John's office has wonderful people who work for him and with him, especially Trish. She is the one I would always get in contact with when I needed a question answered or just to get an update on what had been going on with the short sale. She would always let me know. She would also just call me to let me know the progress of the short sale. She too helped me get through this trying time in my life.

If it was not for John and Trish, the way they took care of my situation, the way they worked to get all of this done and complete, I don't know what I would have done. They saved me from a tremendous amount of stress and a lot of weight has been lifted from me and for that I thank them from the bottom of my heart!

They are awesome. I would definitely recommend both of them to family, friends, to anyone! I do know when I am ready to buy a home again, I will be contacting John! "

Stacy M. - Grand Rapids, MI


"We thank you very much for your hard work and making it possible to move from our house and not go into foreclosure; by having a short sale. We believe that you were brought into our lives for a reason. You're a great team! Thanks for caring!!!"

Joe and Elaine C. - Grand Rapids, MI


"Just to let you know, you and your team were a life saver selling my house and taking care of it all just like you said you would do. Thank you so much and may God bless you and yours."

Eddie S. - Wyoming, MI


"I am writing to express my pleasure with real estate agent John Bodien, who represented us in our recent sale of a rental property.

John and his team guided me through the entire process, from the initial paperwork to closing the deal. We credit John with a smooth, stress-free selling experience. This is my first time selling a home and John and his team worked together to make the deal go through. He is personable and knows the market inside and out. We never could have closed the deal without him.

To reiterate, we are nothing but pleased with John and his expertise and we recommend him to everyone."

Rob K. - Grand Rapids, MI


"Mandy and I wanted to personally thank Team Bodien for an excellent experience with this whole process. Everything was positive from our side and we are exceptionally glad we were referred to you all. We like doing business with West Michigan people and good customer service is something that is hard to find today. We will definitely be referring anyone that asks to Greenridge and your team. If we do end up moving again (hopefully not for a long time) we would definitely be giving you all a call. Again we thank you."

Matt and Mandy M. - Hudsonville, MI


"John, Trisha, & Heather,

I want to take this time to thank you for all your hard work and effort on the short sale of the Houseman property. You guys are amazing! I know it takes a lot of patience and hard work to get these kinds of sales done....and you did it!!
I can't thank you enough. You are a pleasure to work with and any real estate purchases or sales I have in the future, I would definitely make you guys my first contact!!!"

Sylvia T. - Grand Rapids, MI


"Dear John,

I apologize for taking so long to write this letter. I'm sure by now you thought I forgot all about you and your staff. I'm slow at catching up with the things I should be doing.

I can't say enough about how professional, cordial, and ready to assist me Trisha and Heather were. If I ever have the opportunity to recommend someone in need like I did, your office is on the top of my list. You were great and your staff is super.

If you ever have the time and are in the neighborhood, stop in and have a cup of coffee. That goes for all of you.


Robert D., Grand Rapids, MI


"John & wonderful ladies,

I just wanted to express my appreciation for all your hard work & help with selling my parents condo. The situation was so difficult and you were able to get me through it.

The family issues may someday be resolved, only time will tell, but at least now I have peace of mind and have met my obligation as best I could under the circumstances..... that's all I could have asked of you all. Thank you so much!!!


Mary M., Wyoming, MI


"Greenridge Realty,

I am writing to express my gratitude with real estate agent John Bodien in the recent short sale of my house.

I went through a divorce and my name was still on the mortgage. My former husband was to refinance the house, but due to unforseen circumstances it could not be. At that time the best solution was to put it up for a short sale.

John Bodien and his staff guided me through the process and helped me gather the paperwork that was needed for the sale of the house. John Bodien was always on top of the situation in giving me updates as needed. I felt very comfortable with him as my Realtor.

To reiterate I am nothing but pleased with John Bodien and his expertise and I would recommend him to everyone.

Thank you"

Renee B., Grand Rapids, MI


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent and relentless work in selling our large house in Hudsonville. I was amazed at your knowledge of the legal matters of our financial situation related to the property and the bank. We had previously listed with another Realtor and wasted a lot of time: it was obvious that this situation was beyond his area of expertise. As it worked out you were able to work out a very satisfactory settlement with what turned out to be a difficult financial institution. I would recommend to anyone to list their house with you. Thank you."

Harold W., Hudsonville, MI


"Before you contacted us we thought there was no hope but to go through with the foreclosure and end up without a home for quite a few years. We had no idea a company could sell it after a foreclosure and save us to be able to buy another home within a couple of years or even sooner. With the trouble our mortgage company gave us, if you could get the job done on our house, you can help anyone out there!

It is very embarrassing to go through a foreclosure, but you never made us feel like we had done something wrong or that we were less of a person for it. If we ever move back to Michigan and need a home you will be the first ones we call."

John and Barbara A., Rockford, MI


"Lifesaver is the word that describes John Bodien. I was ill with cancer and the mortgage company was ready to foreclose: John listed my home, and got the mortgage company to settle for less than was owed. John is a man you can trust to stick by what he says and I thank him for an excellent job."

Martha B., Grand Rapids, MI


"Your experience and quick action in the direction I needed are so appreciated. Your comments about ‘how good people can get into a foreclosure’ predicament was a comfort. Since the death of my husband, I had many challenges, including the decision to sell our home. At first I had the house listed with other agents but no progress was made in a year.

Then your mailing explaining that I may have other options, came at my most desperate hour. Your vigorous efforts to save the home from foreclosure that was just hours away from auction were impressive.

I realize this was your job, but as you already understand, this was more than just a house. It represented an important part of my life, and you were able to save it from being stolen away.
Thank you so much from my heart."

Renee D., Lake, MI


"The world is full of good people and you are all of that. I will never forget what you did for me under very difficult circumstances. Thank you so much."

Don S., Rockford, MI


"WOW! What a sale! We tried selling our home for 4 months with not many showings and mostly unqualified buyers. When your team took over-everything changed. Realtors started showing up in droves with interested buyers & dozens of showings later we were considering a several offers. How awesome is that! John, this market has many challenges, but your professionalism won the day.

The task of selling our “fix-r-upper” was matched equally with the added complication of working directly with the mortgage company. Thanks for all your help and understanding….


Jerry & Patty O., Ada, MI


"We’d appreciate it if you’d let John know how highly we thought of him. He contacted us while our house was in foreclosure when we didn’t believe we had many options. John was extremely helpful, kept us informed on proceedings and was everything you’d want a Realtor to be.

Greenridge should be grateful to have such a good Realtor on their staff, who reflects very well for your company. Thanks to you and John for helping us through a difficult time!"

Cathy and Tim S., Grand Rapids, MI


"Thank you so much! When you called I didn’t believe it was possible to sell a home that had gone into foreclosure and still make some money out of it. Not only did you make me some money, you helped clean up my credit by selling the house and paying off the back taxes. Instead of having a foreclosure on my credit, my mortgage is shown as paid! Thanks again- excellent job!"

Becky H., Cedar Springs, MI


"Our family would like to take this time to say THANK YOU for all you have done to sell our home. We’re very impressed with how you handled this case and how quickly you got the house sold. We had tried another Realtor, but he didn’t know how to handle a foreclosure and bankruptcy case, so we just wanted to say thanks."

Thomas and Veronica C., Kentwood, MI


"In regards to my home: thank you for everything. You have done more for us than you could ever know. Joe and I appreciate all of your good advice too. You are a great guy and we will tell everyone to call you for their real estate needs."

Joe and Carol F., Grand Rapids, MI

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